Amazon Image Requirements: Latest Guidelines in 2024



When it comes to selling products on Amazon, meeting the platform's specific Amazon image requirements is important to success. By adhering to these standards, you ensure that your product images accurately represent your product and provide a better shopping experience for your customers.


In this guide, you will learn all about Amazon's image requirements and how to optimize your product images for maximum visibility and sales. We will cover the technical guidelines for image size, resolution, and file format, as well as the style guidelines for product photography. You will also find tips and best practices for creating images that stand out and drive conversions on Amazon. 


By the end of this guide, you will have a clear understanding of Amazon's image requirements and how to create high-quality product images that meet these guidelines. Whether you're a new seller just starting on Amazon or an experienced seller looking to improve your product listings, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed.

Why Amazon Image Requirements for Product Photos Matter

Amazon product images play an important role as they form a customer's initial perception of a product, often influencing purchasing decisions more effectively than descriptions. High-quality images aid in conveying materialsizestylefeatures, and contents, facilitating customer comprehension and product comparisons.

Here are some reasons why Amazon image requirements for product photos matter:

1. Customer Experience

One of the main reasons why Amazon image requirements for product photos matter is the customer experience. High-quality images help customers see the product they are interested in clearly and in detail. This can help customers make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase the product. If the product images are poor quality or do not accurately represent the product, customers may be less likely to make a purchase.

2. Search Results

Another reason why Amazon image requirements for product photos matter is search results. Amazon's search algorithm takes into account the quality of the product images when ranking search results. If your product images are of poor quality or do not meet Amazon's image requirements, your product may be ranked lower in search results. This means that customers may not see your product when they search for it on Amazon.

3. Compliance

Finally, Amazon image requirements for product photos matter because they are a requirement for selling on Amazon. If your product images do not meet Amazon's image requirements, your product may not be accepted for sale on Amazon. This means that you could lose out on potential sales and revenue.

Amazon Product Image Requirements Guide

To ensure that your product images meet Amazon's requirements, you need to follow the guidelines provided by the marketplace. 

Here are the main requirements for Amazon product images:

1. For Main Image Requirements

  • Size: The minimum and recommended dimensions for the main product image is 500 px to 1,000 px on the longest side. The optimal zoom experience for detail pages requires files to be 1600px or larger on the longest side.
  • Format: Amazon accepts JPEGPNG, GIF, and TIFF formats for product images.
  • Background: The main product image should have a pure white background (RGB 255, 255, 255).
  • Content: The product should fill at least 85% of the image frame to give customers a clear view of the product.
  • Quality: The image should be of high resolution and not have any blurriness or pixelation.
  • Restrictions: The image should not have any logos, watermarks, or text overlays.

To make sure that your main product image stands out and attracts customers, it is important to follow these requirements. A clear and high-quality image will give potential customers a better understanding of your product and increase the chances of them making a purchase.

Additional Image Requirements

In addition to the main product image, Amazon also allows sellers to upload additional images to showcase their products. 

Here are some of the additional requirements for product images:

  • The additional images should also have a pure white background and be of high resolution.
  • The additional images should showcase different angles and features of the product.
  • The images should not contain any text or promotional material.
  • The images should be in focus and accurately represent the product.

By following these additional requirements, you can provide customers with a better understanding of your product and increase the likelihood of them making a purchase.

Additional Image Recommendations

When it comes to product images on Amazon, there are a few additional recommendations you should consider beyond the basic requirements. By implementing these recommendations, you can improve the quality of your images and increase the chances of your product standing out to potential customers.

1. Multiple Views

One effective way to showcase your product is by providing multiple views from different angles. This allows customers to see the product in more detail and get a better sense of its shape and dimensions. Consider including close-up shots of important features or details, as well as shots from different angles to provide a comprehensive view of the product.

Sample photo of Multiple Views:

2. Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images are another great way to showcase your product in use or a lifestyle setting. These types of images can help customers visualize how the product fits into their lives and can be particularly effective for products that are used in specific contexts (e.g. outdoor gear, home decor, etc.). Consider using lifestyle images in addition to your main product images to provide a more complete picture of your product.

Sample photo of Lifestyle Images:

3. Infographics

Infographics can be a useful tool for highlighting key features or benefits of your product in a visually appealing way. By providing informative graphics that explain the features and benefits of your product, you can help customers understand why your product is the best choice for them. Consider using infographics in addition to your main product images to provide additional context and information.

Sample Photo of Infographics:

4. Zoom Capability


To ensure that your product images are high quality and support Amazon's zoom function, it's important to use high-resolution images. This will allow customers to zoom in on your product images and see important details more clearly. Make sure to use images that are at least 1600 pixels or larger on the longest side to ensure optimal zoom capability.

Sample Photo of Zoom Capability:

Technical Image Specifications

When it comes to Amazon image requirements, meeting the technical image specifications is crucial for ensuring that your product listings are compliant and optimized for the best shopping experience. In this section, we will go over the size and dimension, file types and formats, and color profiles and modes that you need to know to meet Amazon's technical image requirements.

Size and Dimension

The size and dimension of your product images are important factors in meeting Amazon's technical image requirements. According to Amazon, product images must fill at least 85% of the image frame and have a minimum dimension of 500 pixels on the longest side. For the best zoom experience, Amazon recommends that your image files be 1600 pixels or larger on the longest side.

File Types and Formats

Amazon accepts four file types for product images: TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG. Among these file types, JPEG is the recommended format for product images. To ensure that your images are accepted by Amazon, make sure that they are saved with the correct file extension and in the appropriate format.

Color Profiles and Modes

Amazon requires that product images be submitted in the sRGB or CMYK color mode. This is because these color profiles are widely supported and ensure that your images are displayed accurately across different devices and platforms. When saving your product images, make sure that they are saved in the correct color mode to meet Amazon's technical image requirements.

Best Practices for Amazon Product Images

When it comes to creating product images for Amazon, there are several best practices you should follow to ensure that your images are of high quality and meet Amazon's guidelines. Here are some tips to help you create the best product images possible:

1. Consistency

Maintain consistent style and quality across all images. This means that all of your product images should have a similar look and feel, and should be of the same high quality. This will help to create a cohesive brand image and make your products look more professional.

2. Lighting

Use proper lighting to highlight product details. Good lighting is essential for creating high-quality product images. Make sure that your products are well-lit and that all of the important details are clearly visible in the images.

3. Editing

Use professional editing tools to enhance image quality. Professional editing tools can help you to improve the quality of your product images, by adjusting things like brightness, contrast, and color balance. This can help to make your images look more professional and appealing to customers.

4. Number of Images

Use all available image slots (usually 7-9). Amazon allows you to upload multiple product images, so make sure that you take advantage of this feature. The more images you have, the better your chances of making a sale.

5. Compliance

Regularly review and update images to stay compliant with Amazon’s guidelines. Amazon has strict guidelines for product images, so it's important to make sure that your images are always up-to-date and compliant. Make sure that you review your images regularly and make any necessary updates to ensure that they meet Amazon's guidelines.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes sellers make is using unprofessional photographs. To comply with Amazon's image requirements it's important to use high-quality, professional photographs that accurately represent your product. This means avoiding blurry or pixelated images, as well as images with poor lighting or composition.

Another mistake to avoid is using logos or trademarks that are not your own. Amazon prohibits the use of logos or trademarks that belong to other companies, so make sure you only use your own brand logo and Amazon logos where appropriate.

Finally, it's important to avoid using watermarks or badges on your images. These can make your images look unprofessional and can also violate Amazon's image requirements.

Maintaining Brand Integrity

To maintain brand integrity, it's important to follow Amazon's guidelines for product images. This includes using images that accurately represent your product, as well as images that are free from nudity or other inappropriate content.

In addition, you should make sure that your images are consistent with your brand. This means using your brand logo where appropriate, as well as using Amazon logos in accordance with their guidelines.

Product-Specific Imaging Tips

When it comes to product photography on Amazon, there are some specific tips you should keep in mind depending on the type of product you are selling. Here are some product-specific imaging tips to help you optimize your images and improve your sales:

1. Clothing and Apparel Image Tips

When photographing clothing and apparel, it's important to show the item being worn by a model or mannequin to give customers a sense of how it fits and looks. Make sure the clothing is steamed or ironed beforehand to ensure it looks its best. You should also include images of the clothing item laid flat to show details such as the fabric, stitching, and any special features.

2. Accessories and Shoes Image Tip

Accessories and shoes should be photographed from multiple angles to give customers a complete view of the item. For shoes, it's important to show the sole and any special features such as a non-slip sole or cushioned insole. For accessories such as jewelry or handbags, make sure to include a close-up of any intricate details.

3. Packaging and Multi-Packs

If you are selling a product that comes in packaging or as a multi-pack, make sure to include images of the packaging and any product identifier or variant codes. Customers want to know exactly what they are getting, so be sure to show the product in its packaging and any labels or tags that come with it.

In addition to these product-specific tips, it's important to follow Amazon's general image requirements such as accurate representation of the product, filling at least 85% of the image, and using high-quality images that are at least 1600px on the longest side. By following these tips and requirements, you can create product images that help you stand out from the competition and increase your sales on Amazon.

Advanced Imaging Techniques

If you want to take your Amazon product images to the next level, there are some advanced imaging techniques you can use to make your products stand out. In this section, we'll cover two techniques: professional photography tips and graphic design and illustrations.

1. Professional Photography Tips

One of the most important things you can do to improve your Amazon product images is to invest in professional product photography. A professional photographer can help you capture high-quality images that showcase your product in the best possible light.

When working with a professional photographer, make sure to discuss your vision for the images and provide them with any necessary information about your product. You should also consider the lighting and background for your images, as these can have a significant impact on the overall quality of your photos.

Another important aspect of professional product photography is the use of mockups. Mockups allow you to showcase your product in a real-world setting, which can help customers better understand how your product works and how it will look in their own lives.

2. Graphic Design and Illustrations

In addition to high-quality product photography, you can also use graphic design and illustrations to enhance your Amazon product images. This can include adding text, graphics, or other visual elements to your images to help them stand out.

When using graphic design and illustrations, it's important to keep your images simple and easy to understand. Avoid cluttering your images with too much text or too many graphics, as this can make them difficult to read and understand.


In conclusion, adhering to Amazon's image requirements in 2024 is essential for any seller aiming to maximize product visibility and sales. By following the latest guidelines on image size, resolution, file format, and style, you ensure your listings stand out and provide an optimal shopping experience for customers. 


High-quality images that comply with Amazon's standards not only enhance your product's appeal but also build trust with potential buyers. Whether you're new to selling on Amazon or an experienced seller, staying updated with these requirements is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge and achieving success on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size image is required for Amazon product 2024?

Amazon requires that images be at least 500 pixels on the longest side, but recommends that they be at least 1,000 pixels to enable zoom functionality. However, the optimal size for images is 2,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels, with a 1:1 aspect ratio. This size allows for the best viewing experience on all devices.

What is Amazon A+ image?

Amazon A+ images are enhanced product images that allow sellers to showcase their products in greater detail. These images can include additional text, graphics, and comparison charts, and are only available to sellers who are part of the Amazon Brand Registry.

Do Amazon images need to be square?

While Amazon recommends a 1:1 aspect ratio for product images, they do not need to be perfectly square. However, images should have a consistent aspect ratio to maintain a professional appearance on the product detail page.

What is the minimum image size for Amazon?

The minimum image size for Amazon is 500 pixels on the longest side. However, Amazon recommends that images be at least 1,000 pixels to enable zoom functionality. The optimal size for images is 2,000 pixels by 2,000 pixels, with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

What is the format for Amazon product dimensions?

Amazon requires that product images be in JPEG, TIFF, GIF, or PNG format. JPEG is the most common format used for product images on Amazon, as it provides a good balance between image quality and file size. However, PNG is recommended for images with transparent backgrounds.

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