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The SellerSprite browser extension is a tool that helps Amazon sellers analyze keyword data, understand the competition and find profitable niches.

After installing the SellerSprite browser extension and logging in successfully, search for any keyword on Amazon and the data chart shown below will appear: 

If you click [Fold] in the upper right corner of this chart, it will collapse, and next time you open the keyword search page it will remember your last setting.

Market Analysis Overview

1.  Shortcuts

There are 5 shortcuts in the first row: Analyze, Keyword Mining, Keyword Distribution, Download Bullet Points, Open All Listing Pages

Analyze:Click this button to load the top 100 products and generate a market analysis report, or generate a market analysis report directly from all products on the current page.

Keyword Mining: Click this button to quickly open the keyword mining chart, and search terms automatically filled in the search box.

Keyword Distribution: Click this button to jump to Keyword Distribution function of web app, Automatically search for products that appeared on the first 3 result pages in the past 30 days.

Download Bullet Points:  Click this button to download a bullet point description of all products on the current search results page. 

This is an example of downloadable content:

Open All Listing Pages: if you click this button, it will open the current search results page of all products Listing details page. such as the current page shows 48 products, that is, a one-time open 48 pages, loading speed according to your network environment and computer configuration and different, may need to wait patiently for a while.

2. The dashboard shows a summary of data with the products on page 1 of the keyword search results as a sample. You can click load more results to get more product data.

3. Add products to “Bookmarks” for quicker viewing. Simply click the “SellerSprite” button located at the upper right corner of the browser to access.

Search Results Product Statistics

The more products appear in the first 3 pages of search results for a given keyword in the past 30 days, the less competitive the market segment is.

It means that this market segment is not dominated by certain products, which makes it easier for you to target them.

Eg:Organic 953/52

Organic 953/52 means that in the last 30 days, 953 products have appeared on the first 3 organic result pages among all products. 52 is the number of organic positions they competed for, which tells us how competitive a position is.

953/52*3 (the first 3 pages), the larger the score, the more intense the competition for the organic position of the keyword.

Trend Chart

▶ There are 4 charts you can choose by clicking the chart name.

▶ Hovering over the trend line shows you the specific data for the corresponding month.

▶ Pull the scroll bar below to change the date range on the chart.

▶ Click the Fold button in the upper right corner to hide the chart.

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