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💡Product research: click here

If you don’t have a specific product selection criteria, you might try the product selection function presets by Seller Sprite team.These product selection modes are the preset filtering conditions for different sellers’ actual scenarios. You can also adjust or refine the condition parameters based on your actual situation.

In the beginning to select time frame that you wanna do product research. It works fine while sellers need to find seasonal product. From here you will get datas all belong to selected time, nothing will be related with real time.
Then sellers can leverage the Select a Category tool to initially select categories, and then use the filtration function to narrow down. Even further we upgraded our software that you can select sub category to search new product.
For new sellers, it is recommended that you give priority to using the recommended product selection mode built by our team (Presets). These product selection models are the system’s preset filtering conditions. They would help sellers to find growing, potential products easily.
1.  Rapid growth
  1. Filtering conditions: monthly sales >300, monthly sales growth >10% (the system automatically fills in the filtering conditions after clicking on the recommendation mode)
  2. The short-term surge in sales means that these trends are relatively new in market and shortage of supply recently. They may be seasonal products, holiday products, products with high potential or products spawned by emergencies. For example, due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, many places around the world adopted "city lockdown" measures. Later, the sales of home fitness equipment products such as tensioners, masks, treadmills and dumbbells soared.
You can evaluate by looking at the historical sales trend of the product: if sales surge during the same time period every year, it means that it is a seasonal or holiday product, and preparations need to be made in advance; when the overall sales trend is relatively stable and there is a sudden surge, For example, the ASIN in the picture below may be a potential product.
2. Potential market

Filter conditions: monthly sales <600, monthly sales growth rate >10%, launch date within the past 6 months (the system automatically fills in the filter conditions after clicking on the recommendation mode.

The monthly sales volume is not too large but is on a growing trend. The short time on the market means that new products can enter the market in a short period of time. If you are a small and medium-sized seller, then this type of potential market is definitely suitable for you. You can also add a filter with a price of 20-40 US dollars to help you find products with a certain profit margin without investing too much capital in the beginning.
3. Low average rating sales (Loe rated sellers)
Filtering conditions: monthly sales >300, rating <3.7 (the system automatically fills in the filtering conditions after clicking on the recommendation mode)
The overall sales volume in this type of market is good, but the ratings are poor, indicating that the product has some room for improvement. If you are able with a certain level of product modification productivity, you may wish to conduct a detailed analysis of the reviews of such products to find areas that can be improved, and then upgrade the product after fully understanding the quality of the product and the demands of buyers.
4. Fulfilled by Merchant
Filtering conditions: Monthly sales >300, delivery method is FBM (the system automatically fills in the filtering conditions after clicking on the recommendation mode)

Sellers can use this tool to find oversize, dangerous goods mainly ship by amazon is not accepted. Then it is good opportunity to fulfill by Merchant. Here you would have less competition. To find this products on alibaba or 1688 you can click and go to search products with 2 click. Click the "alibaba" button below the filtered product to jump to Alibaba and 1688 to find the source of the same product with one click and enjoy one-stop service.
5. Competing sellers

Filter conditions: Monthly sales > 600, number of sellers > 3 (the system automatically fills in the filter conditions after clicking on the recommendation mode)
If you want to make a quick buck and walk away, you can look at markets like these that have good sales and a lot of follow-up sales. Here is the market is big, sellers are also big. Cause of big market everyone get some part of sales from market. This works fine for arbitrage sellers. 

6. Recommended for new sellers

Filter conditions: monthly sales >300, monthly sales growth rate >3%, price range is 15-60 US dollars, delivery method is FBA, automatically fill in the excluded keywords (the system automatically fills in the filter conditions after clicking on the recommendation mode)
This mode is specially designed for new sellers, who have a certain sales volume and moderate prices, and filter out most of the fiercely competitive products and keywords.
Custom selection

After you are familiar with the various data indicators of the product selection function or roughly have your own product selection criteria, you can fill in the filter conditions based on your own product selection ideas.
For example, if you are a small or medium-sized seller without much financial budget, you are looking for a product that has a certain sales volume, is affordable, and can be produced in a short period of time. The filter conditions can be set to monthly sales >500, monthly sales growth >10.0%, number of reviews <50, price range set to 10~30 US dollars, and shelf date in the past six months.
We can narrow down further this criteria and go much more dipper as below. I set 3.7 as maximum Rating average and here I am trying to find products with above condition + could be improve. From above filtrations we know this product is in the growing stage and suitable for medium and small sellers. Here we we get better result.
Usage tips
🌟Save current mode
If you have your own ideas for product selection, after filling in the filter conditions, click "Save Current Mode" to save the currently entered filter conditions as your own mode, so that you can click and use it directly next time.
Name it as you like and then save 
🌟List and Grid view
Supports browsing of product listing and large image mode. Click to switch to large image mode to view the product appearance more clearly and intuitively.
🌟View historical data
Click the historical trend icon on the right to view the sales trends of related ASINs in the past three years, as well as changing trends in BSR, prices, reviews, keyword search volumes, etc.
🌟Customized categories
When you are interested in a product, you can directly click the "Market Analysis" button below the product to jump to the Seller Sprite Market Analysis function to do market analysis of the product category, or you can check the product to add it to a custom category. Analyze the market.
🌟Product metrics comparison
Select the products that need to be compared (minimum 2, up to 5 can be selected), and click the [Product Comparison] button to analyze comparison of the sales volume, price, BSR ranking, etc. of these ASINs.
Also see Traffic comparison and Can do Reverse ASIN
🌟Product tracking
Click the follow button on the right side of the product to track changes in the product's BSR, price, number of reviews, etc., and update the data every 24 hours. Note: The products you follow are added to [Product tracking], and you can go to view them after following.
[Export to Excel] supports batch export of the main image, brand name, title, category name, BSR, price and other information of the selected products
Only the first 2,000 records are exported. The first 3,000 records can be exported during free time (7 p.m. - 7 a.m. the next day). It is recommended that you filter and sort the query results to make the results more accurate before exporting (paid members can export 50 records per day) Second-rate)
[Batch export details] Supports batch export of historical monthly sales and historical monthly sales of selected products. Up to 100 ASINs can be exported at a time (paid members can export 50 times per day)

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