How to filter out niche based on big volume keywords or long-tail words?

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Keyword research is a demand-side product research. It does not only reflect only the real needs of buyers, but also many more keywords we cannot find ourselves.

For example, by looking for buyer search terms containing "mat", we can discover buyers' needs for products such as yoga mats, door mats, picnic mats, and baby crawling mats. Then we can look for products that can meet the needs based on these needs.

Different kinda mat related keywords

If these categories are too big, you can further target the long-tail keyword.
Long-tail keywords generally refer to keyword phrases with 3 or more. Although there are not many buyers using long-tail keywords to search, and the audience scope is smaller, they are more specific and mainly conversion ratio is higher.
The number of words under the keyword selection is to filter out the long-tail kws through the number of words.

As you see above I entered 3 as minimum keyword on each phrase and yoga mat phrase on all keywords

You can get long-tail keywords also it means a small niches such as thick yoga mat (thick yoga mat), yoga mat for men (men's yoga mat), yoga mat bag (yoga bag), etc. These are real reflections of different kinda buyers. Also it means there are small niches related each keyword.

We can suppose there are 3 small niches above. 1-cotton yoga mat. 2-round yoga mat. 3-hello kitty yoga mat. Mostly these kinda products have different kind of buyers. So buyer audience is also different.

Although the search volume is big, it often means more severe competition. But long-tail keywords may not be able to get more traffic for us we need to use them specially in the beginning. They are more accurate.

Therefore, for small and medium sellers, the key to start in new markets is to focus on long-tail keywords that are easier to get rank and conversion rate is also higher.

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