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We are going to dive into the 3rd group of tools from SellerSprite Chrome extension. I'm searching for bamboo pillow on Amazon. You can use the Chrome extension by clicking here(1), or you can use it from here(2). 

You can see the product research, and click it. 

Now, we are on the product research page. You can see all these products here and the products related metrics like brand, category, BSR, etc.  

If you would like to sort with filtration function, you can click it. If some of them are not important to you, for example new ratings or BSR, you can come to customize columns.

These are sub tools, BSR and category, etc. Then those metrics will be removed from here, so you will not see.

These are sponsored products and Amazon Choice, A+, etc. You can see those badges. If you want to remove any products that have an Amazon Choice Badge, you can unclick it. 

For example, if you want to remove "Amazon Choice, A+", just click it. We decrease to 13 products. By using this function, you can target exactly the product scope you like. 

if you want to see how many units they sell daily, you can just click number. It will jump to another page so that you can see a line graph as revenue. You can also see daily units sold from here or BSR price ratings, etc.

If you want to see the gross margin, you just need to click here. We are going to bring the FBA calculator for you and you can calculate your profit and loss from here.

You can see the FBA fee, listing creation date, there are how many sellers under this product. For example, 4 sellers sell this particular product. You can see ratings here and rating grades.

What's the rating grade?

An indicates there are no fake reviews. 

You can copy all keywords from the title. 

You can filter these products as you like. 


For example, the product launched in the last 30 days or in the last 30 days sales, for example, 1000 units, just put 1000 minimum and click search. 

If you would like to add any of these products to the product list, you can select it as you like and add it to my list. This is a previously created list. 

If you would like to delete any of these products, you can delete it or you can select it and come to batch delete. 

We analyzed the product on the first page of Amazon. You can load more products to analyze. Just click it. 

You can see a Chrome extension version here. You can see tutorial video related to Chrome extension by clicking here. Or you can change the language from English to Chinese or Japanese. 

If you would like to analyze, you can click here and see market analysis. It takes a little bit of time. You need to click and wait.

The next tool is reverse ASIN.

When we click reverse ASIN now, it won't work. You need to put the child ASIN here. You can see all those keywords, keywords ranking and these ASIN's in position for particular keywords. 

For example, bamboo pillow, our ASIN is the 62th place organically of page 1 and the 52th position for sponsored product page 1.

Third is keyword mining.

keywords related to bamboo pillow, the relevancy, search trends, Amazon Brand Analytics rank, monthly search volume, click concentration, PPC Bid, etc. 

Let's click Index checker.

You also need to put ASIN here. For example, I would like to check this ASIN's index for some keywords. Copy ASIN, and come to the index checker. Then put keywords, bamboo pillow or memory foam pillow.  We are going to analyze and show organic and sponsored positions, and the index for you. 

Next is my list.

If you added products to the list, then you can see them here.

There are many dataset to analyze your competitors here, so you have to pay attention to it. After doing proper analysis, you will be able to understand all the metrics of your competitors. As if you have seen their internal data, such as their seller central, how many products they sell, how many reviews they get, what kind of PPC they use, you can acquire all this information by using SellerSprite Chrome extension. 

we analyzed the third group of tool bar from SellerSprite. Thank you for reading.

See you.

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