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Competitor Lookup helps sellers to analyze in depth and compare different metrics of product. It can be queried through keywords, brands, sellers name or specific ASINs.

It also supports querying the sales volume/sales history trend in the past three years, as well as the ASIN’s historical price, BSR, number of reviews and other trends. 

At the beginning of each month, the top 500,000 BSR product data of each Amazon Marketplace is updated. The US marketplace we update the top 800,000 BSR products. Sales data can be queried for basically all products that are on that interval.

1. Search by ASIN

This is the simplest and easiest way to understand a competing product. When you want to obtain basic information about a competing product, you can directly enter the ASIN to query the product BSR, price, number of reviews and ratings, monthly sales, sales trends and other data with one click. A maximum of 300 ASINs are supported at one time.

Check "Include variations" to query data for other variations of the ASIN at the same time.

2. Search by keyword

Select  keyword from the box as on the photo below then add keyword to search. 

It can help you understand the distribution of products under a certain keyword. For example, if there is a factory that specializes in luggage and bags and wants to develop a new shoulder bag product line, you can enter the keyword "pet backpack" and sort it in descending order by monthly sales to find out which styles of pet bags are more popular on Amazon. 

3. Search by brand name

Before you want to enter a market, you may wish to research the largest brands in the market, use them as benchmarks, and observe product types, product categories, and sales. Take Anker as an example. The brand has 753 products and multiple product lines, mainly in the 3C category. The most popular product sold on Amazon US is charger and powerbank. 

4. Search by seller name

It can help you analyze the product layout of your competitors' stores and gain insight into product types. You can see at a glance which products are popular, which are attracting customers, and which are profitable.

You can also use the Seller Sprite Store Front Tracker to monitor seller account . Help you analyze the seller's product new frequency, product type, product category and other information.

Usage tips
🌟Save current mode
If you have your own ideas for product selection, after filling in the filter conditions, click "Save Current Mode" to save the currently entered filter conditions as your own mode, so that you can click and use it directly next time.

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