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Click concentration is an accurate data rather than estimation. It refers to the proportion of the clicks of the top 3 ASINs on certain keyword search results. Generally speaking, the higher the click concentration, the higher domination of certain cellers.

It is one of the most important indicators in keyword analysis.
Calculation rule: (the top three ASINs with the most clicks for the keyword) clicks / total clicks (for the keyword)
Take the keyword breakfast sandwich maker as an example

The click concentration rate of breakfast sandwich maker is 80.3%, which means that when searching for breakfast sandwich maker on Amazon, the top three ASINs with the most clicks on the search results page account for 80.3% of all clicks on the keyword. This shows that although the monthly search volume of this keyword is as high as 73,943, almost all of it is absorbed by these three ASINs. Other ASINs can only share about 20% of the remaining traffic. The degree of monopoly of this keyword is very high.

Generally speaking, the higher the click concentration of a keyword, the higher the degree of monopoly of the word, and the higher the degree of monopoly of its corresponding market segment.
Therefore, the click concentration of keywords also reflects the degree of competition. The higher the click concentration, it means that the clicks are concentrated on certain products (big money attracters), and the competition is severe;
When the click concentration becomes low, it means that the click volume is dispersed and the competition becomes less (each Listing can get a share of the pie).

Through this indicator, we can initially evaluate the degree of competition in a market.
For example, if a seller of luggage factory products doesn't know exactly what kind of products he wants to sell on Amazon, he can use the keyword selection function to find market segments with relatively low competition. Let's analyse below

Search bag and set minimum search volume 5000 and then analyze competitivenes

Or arrange in descending order by monthly search volume, compare the click concentration of market segments with similar keyword volume, and choose an entry with a lower degree of competition.

One of the best ways is just utelize filtration such as <30%. Then we are gonna fine less competitive keywords.
You see keywords have less than 30% click concentration.

Of course, sellers can also utilize other filtering conditions based on their own advantages and preferences. The final decision on whether to enter the market requires a comprehensive market analysis combined with Seller Sprite’s tools such as Market Analysis and similar features. Finally, don’t forget, to use our extension to analyze the keyword, market or historical trends of similar products with one click.

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