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💡 Add to card URL:  click here

What is Add to card URL?

that is working for single or multiple ASINs once to add a specified amount of products into card for given ASN.  By doing so it saves time and effort. 

What is the use of one-click add-to card-URL?

1. Promotional activities:  It makes easy to add multiple products into card, such as yoga mats and yoga bricks once, they will be packaged together to show consumers, you can simplify the purchase process, to avoid for customer distraction.

2.  Old customer marketing. If you launch new product, the recent product could be made bundle with old product and it would get purchases and impression from old product traffic. to improve the store's re-purchasing rate.

3.  Customer temptation, mainly to take advantage of the buyer's psychology of taking advantage of, add a little money to get two products, why not?

Find the ASINs you want to create link and add them respectively. Then in front of ASINs add number of products you want to add to card. Then simple just click Create.

Our link is ready , could be Opened or Copied to send over.

From below you see we added 3 unites product for ASIN-1 and 7 unites of product for ASIN-2 into card.

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