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Explore Another 99% World, Discover Hidden Market Opportunities in Various Amazon Sub-Categories.
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Market Research: Sharply insight into market opportunities

  • With 30+ market filters, fully focus on market news
  • 28 market sorting methods correspond to 28 product research strategies
  • Compare, analyze, and filter multidimensional indicators of various sub-categories
  • Combine your own advantages to quickly, accurately, and decisively target the market.
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Keyword Research: Uncover hidden market opportunities

  • Product research from the demand side: one keyword corresponds to one niche market
  • Enhance data sensitivity, accurately insight into market demand
  • Lock the target category quickly, deepen the niche categories vertically
  • Create a differentiated product research strategy, refuse product homogenization.
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Product Research: Quickly position product tracks

  • With 50+ product selection thoughts, quickly locate the entry point of product research
  • Built-in 10+ recommended product research modes, easy for beginners to get started
  • Multidimensional data presented intuitively, not missing any potential explosive products
  • Use the least time to evaluate the most expected target market.
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SellerSprite Extension
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  • SellerSprite Data Update Frequency:
    1. SellerSprite extension data (price, BSR, keyword rankings, etc.) is real-time, synchronously fetched from Amazon's front end when you query.
    2. Sales data is updated daily, with the previous day's sales data updated on the current day.
    3. Keyword data is updated monthly, and at the beginning of each month it upadates for the previous month's data; keyword trend selection is updated weekly, with this week's update reflecting last week's data.
    4. Monitoring data is updated daily, including keyword monitoring which uses a rolling update method. The specific update time for each ASIN is not fixed.