Intelligent Big Data Analysis for Refined Amazon Operations, Increase Volume

Through ASIN Traffic, Effective Core Keywords, Professional Top Sellers' Operation Methods
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Keyword Distribution: One-click tracking of traffic sources

  • Understand your product's traffic structure, refer to competitors' traffic modes
  • Master all traffic sources of ASIN within the site, including search and related traffic
  • Benchmark competitor's traffic words, identify gaps, aim accurately, make breakthroughs
  • Mine quality traffic words continuously, occupy quality related traffic positions of competitors.
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Review Analysis: Intelligent analysis of product reviews

  • Separate parent and variant reviews, predict variant sales, determine best-selling variants
  • Seasonal trend analysis, easily plan product lines, prepare stocks
  • Real-time translation into Chinese, reduce reading costs, double operation efficiency
  • Dig deep into product pros and cons, tailor solutions, optimize products to improve conversion.
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Product Tracker: Daily track of competitor news

  • Track product indicators such as BSR sub-category, reviews, sales
  • Capture ASIN detail changes precisely, identify product anomaly reasons quickly
  • Get competitors' promotion tactics, learn big sellers' professional operation methods
  • Track natural and advertising rankings daily to know market changes in advance.
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SellerSprite FAQs
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SellerSprite Extension
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Product Tracker
  • SellerSprite Data Update Frequency:
    1. SellerSprite extension data (price, BSR, keyword rankings, etc.) is real-time, synchronously fetched from Amazon's front end when you query.
    2. Sales data is updated daily, with the previous day's sales data updated on the current day.
    3. Keyword data is updated monthly, and at the beginning of each month it upadates for the previous month's data; keyword trend selection is updated weekly, with this week's update reflecting last week's data.
    4. Monitoring data is updated daily, including keyword monitoring which uses a rolling update method. The specific update time for each ASIN is not fixed.