Five-Dimensional Analysis for Basic Ideas of Market Research, Improving Your Success Rate

Tell You Market Opportunity, Help You Seize It!
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Target Market Analysis from Multiple dimensions

  • 16 dimensions to evaluate market overview, verify the feasibility of market entry
  • Track annual sales trend continuously, judge market's peak and off-peak seasons
  • Customize market analysis samples, real-time data achieves more accurate results
  • A+ product ratio and average review count predicts the difficulty of entry in advance.
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One-Click Insight into Competitor Landscape

  • Unique indicators, like click concentration help you assess intensity of market competition
  • More keyword search traffic entries, more even traffic distribution, more dispersed competition
  • Higher product concentration refers to higher sales monopoly by top products
  • Different price ranges represent different competitive environments and profit spaces.
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In-Depth Analysis of Benchmark Products

  • Track all data of a listing since its launch, understand the product development process
  • Batch export competitor data from keyword search result pages and BSR ranking pages
  • Support sales, BSR, and other historical trends queries for the past three years
  • Batch download images, reviews for in-depth product scenario analysis.
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  • SellerSprite Data Update Frequency:
    1. SellerSprite extension data (price, BSR, keyword rankings, etc.) is real-time, synchronously fetched from Amazon's front end when you query.
    2. Sales data is updated daily, with the previous day's sales data updated on the current day.
    3. Keyword data is updated monthly, and at the beginning of each month it upadates for the previous month's data; keyword trend selection is updated weekly, with this week's update reflecting last week's data.
    4. Monitoring data is updated daily, including keyword monitoring which uses a rolling update method. The specific update time for each ASIN is not fixed.