SellerSprite | 49 Updates in One Year, How Did We Develop Our Product?


What is your impression of SellerSprite in 2023?
Now, we invite you to look back 2023: 49 updates in one year, how did we develop our product?

Comprehensive System Optimization and Well-Received New Features

In 2023, the SellerSprite web page saw a total of 34 updates and released 23 new features, receiving positive feedback on several significant functionalities.

Previously, some users expressed the need for precise customization in the market analysis, desiring to input competitor products directly. However, our extension at that time could only analyze by removing unrelated products from rankings and search results, which was quite cumbersome.

To address this, we launched the "URL Builder" feature. With a single click, it generates a link containing multiple specified products. This link can be directly used for market and competitor analysis, saving time, efforts, and providing more accurate results. Moreover, this feature is permanently free of charge.

In the Amazon industry, a common saying has always been: "Sucessors pay 70% attention on product selection, and 30% on operation," and within the 30% of operation, advertising is the most crucial element.

Therefore, we have introduced the "Ads Insights" feature. This functionality analyzes the ad activities, ad groups, and keywords (non-advertising terms) for a product and all its variations. It deduces the keywords and matching patterns used in different ad groups, assisting sellers in reverse-engineering competitor's advertising structures and researching their advertising strategies.

The precursor to the "Listing Builder" was the Listing Editor feature, which had been launched in 2022. The Listing Editor primarily focused on quickly detecting keyword placements in a listing based on imported precise keywords, facilitating timely adjustments to the copy.

In the beginning of 2023, with the surge in popularity of cross-border e-commerce and the rise of ChatGPT, the technical team at SelleSprite swiftly integrated GPT models into the Listing Builder. This led to a glorious transformation into the AI-powered "Listing Builder". With this new functionality, users can input product features, user characteristics, keywords, and more to automatically generate AI-driven titles, bullet points, and other listing copy. As always, it remains free for registered SelleSprite accounts.

Since the discontinuation of our old version's Reverse Bulk keywords feature, we have received feedback from numerous users. Through our communication and discussions, we've come to understand that sellers fundamentally desire the ability to compare competitor keywords. Unfortunately, our new version's Reverse ASIN and Reverse Multiple ASINs features were not meeting this specific need.

As a response, we have introduced the "Traffic Comparison" feature. By inputting your ASIN along with those of competitors, you can compare the traffic share, exposure, ranking, conversion rates, and other data dimensions for different keywords. This allows you to quickly identify the differences in traffic between your product and competitors, enabling you to address any gaps in your strategy.

Extention Revamped, Delving into Details for Enhanced User Scenarios

Throughout this year, thanks to the collaborative efforts of SellerSprite users, the extension has undergone a total of 15 updates. We've been attentive to user feedback and have taken concrete actions to provide meaningful enhancements.
  • In February, partial data views for the Brazilian, Turkish, and Mexican marketplaces were introduced.
  • In May, the extension underwent a complete overhaul, with version 4.0.0 being launched with a fresh new look.
  • In May, Review Analysis received an upgrade, now powered by ChatGPT for enhanced AI-driven Review Analysis.
  • In October, the SellerSprite & Shulex joint edition featuring bulk review analysis and product attribute analysis was released.
  • In November, Market Analysis overviews were added to the New Product Ranking and BSR (Best Sellers Rank) pages.
Throughout this year, we have been actively establishing connections with external partners and collaborating with outstanding products in the industry, always prioritizing user experience. Together, we aim to empower Amazon sellers.

Take, for example, the Review Analysis feature in the SellerSprite extension from the past. Initially, it gathered a vast number of reviews from listings and presented them visually in different modules. In essence, our role was limited to collecting and summarizing data.

This year, in collaboration with Shulex, which possesses the most extensive database of Amazon products and comprehensive buyer review data, we introduced the ChatGPT-powered "AI Review Analysis". This enhanced functionality goes beyond mere data collection. By mining reviews, it extracts insights across six key dimensions: consumer profiles, useage scenario, product pros and cons, usage scenarios, consumer expectations, and purchase motivations. These insights are then translated into actionable business decisions, providing a valuable tool for Amazon sellers.

Apart from functional updates, the web version and plugin version of SellerSprite underwent more than 300 experience optimizations in 2023. While these numbers may seem trivial, what truly matters is that behind the scenes, we have consistently strived to enhance the user experience in ways you might not notice. Our ongoing efforts are dedicated to providing users with a seamless and improved experience, even in the areas that may not be immediately visible.

Incubating Data Service, Focused on Amazon Data Research

In 2023, Yunya Technology, the parent company of SellerSprite, launched a data information service.
Leveraging a decade of data accumulation from SellerSprite, this venture concentrates on data technology services and research analysis specific to the Amazon platform, aiding companies in their data-driven transformations. Starting with data as a foundation, it enables swift comprehension of market dynamics, monitors business anomalies and risks, and gains insights into industry trends.

This strategic move signifies a significant expansion of our services, indicating that SellerSprite is no longer limited to being solely a product selection and operational tool. We aspire to fully utilize our strengths, genuinely benefiting Amazon sellers in their endeavors.

Gaining Industry Recognition, Inspiring Continuous Progress

As of the end of 2023, SellerSprite has attracted =900,000+ registered users globally and has received recognition through 10+ industry awards.
In November 2023, SellerSprite officially became an Amazon SPN (Service Provider Network) certified service provider. This designation signifies comprehensive recognition from Amazon in areas such as reputation, service capabilities, and brand influence.
During the same month, in collaboration with Amazon Global Selling, SellerSprite successfully hosted the Euro-Japan Seller Summit in Chengdu with the theme "Global Expansion, Smooth Winning." In less than half a month of promotion, the summit garnered the participation of over 300 sellers, demonstrating the growing influence and appeal of SellerSprite in the e-commerce community.

Every award and honor represents a new milestone for SellerSprite, serving as a renewed source of motivation for the team to continue running forward with the original aspiration.
In 2023, the parent company of SellerSprite, Yunya Technology, also celebrated its 10th anniversary. Over the course of a decade, we've witnessed various landscapes and formed connections with numerous global friends in the cross-border community.
At present, we still feel youthful and believe there are more exciting possibilities waiting to be explored in the future. Undoubtedly, challenges may be greater, and competition may intensify, but with unwavering determination, the future holds promise!

As we step into 2024, we look forward to more people joining SellerSprite on this journey to explore broader horizons.

Are you ready?

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