How to find business opportunities in pet category and operation strategy


Pet businesses offer a variety of services. Some provide services, such as dog walking and pet grooming; while others provide products, such as food bowls and chew toys. What products or services can we provide?
1. Pet supplies like bowls, toys, and beds

Pet owners need to buy pet supplies, such as bowls, toys, and leashes. Although selling these basic products will be in a dilemma to compete with big pet stores, it is hard to give up.
Big brands usually trigger a phenomenon called “choice paralysis”. That is, there are too many choices for consumers, which causes them to do not know what to purchase.
Pet owners like to dress their pets according to their own personality. If your store has complete categories and unique selling proposition, you will have an obvious advantage in the market.
   ·There is a greater opportunity to monopolize a niche market and build a unique brand;
   ·Combined with the dropshipping, selling pet supplies will save a lot of time to work on marketing and provide pet-related services.
Challenges: It is important to build a brand for selling pet supplies, which may be a challenge for sellers with insufficient funds.

TEDDYBOB is a website in BC, Canada, that provides all kinds of basic supplies for cats or dogs.
Although TEDDYBOB has abundant products, it does an excellent job of product classification. The variety does not detract from the website’s fashion and modern sense.

TEDDYBOB's pet supplies generally have no options other than color. This is a smart way to help consumers quickly select what they need, and have more time to browse everything else.

2. Pet Snacks
For people who love baking, making food and snacks for their pets can be a great way to practice baking. Pet health is also gaining more and more attention, and healthy pet food is an area worth investing in for sellers.
Advantages: a great outlet for creative expression with a lot of room for development, which can enhance the uniqueness of the brand.
Challenges: snacks are being consumed, so it is important that sellers do research on the ingredients to ensure the safety of your product.
Example: Dog Bakery


Pet owners like to make their pets different, and see them as their children in some cases.
Dog Bakery provides a variety of pet cookies and cakes by capturing people's love for pets. Combined with the easy-to-remember brand name, it is easy to make a deep impression.


3. Dog walking or training service‍
Walking your dog can not only make new dog friends, but also a great way to exercise and also make some extra money.
Service-based businesses, such as dog walking and pet sitting, thrive on good customer service. Such a business depends on the trust that can only be achieved by maintaining a good relationship with customers.
Advantages: suitable for people who are skilled at building customer relationships.
Challenges: time-consuming.

Example: Let the Dog Out
URL: Let The Dog - On Demand when your dog need us!
Let the Dog Out(LTDO) is a Canadian website that provides dog walking services. It offers a free meeting session to allow your dog a chance to get used to the new babysitter.
LTDO attaches great importance to building trust with customers, which is very important for dog walking and pet care services.


4. Pet grooming
Pet owners also like to dress up their pets, and pet grooming products are in great demand.
Advantages: grooming products are highly professional and there's a lot of potential for repeat business.
Challenges: it needs to spend time researching products.


Example: Barking Babies™
What makes Barking Babies™ unique is that its brand emphasizes community and companionship, and provides all kinds of services that help build brand loyalty and increase regular customers.

5. Pet apparel
Pet owners are keen to purchase a variety of clothing to dress up their pets, and pet fashion has great potential.
Advantages: use the dropshipping model, with low risk and less cost.
Challenges: pet clothing is seasonal and may not sell well in warmer months.
Example: Maple Leash Canada
Maple Leash Canada specializes in selling all kinds of dog coats, collars, sweaters, boots, and so on, which makes this company stand out.


Tips for a profitable pet business
Here are some suggestions for sellers who want to create a sustainable pet business and increase the number of income sources.
1. Start local
Building good relationships with pet owners is the key to the success of your business. Sellers can join Facebook groups and local online communities, participate in discussions, and share expertise and services, but don’t push for sales too hard, especially in early interactions with potential customers.
2. Use social media
The great thing about pet businesses is that cats and dogs are natural sources of entertaining content. Using social media to post all kinds of interesting content about pets can attract audiences with the same interests, which can then be converted into your consumers.


3. Utilize the blog and SEO
If you are familiar with SEO, then you can build a blog around spotting questions from pet owners that can be answered with your services. This will bring you steady traffic.
4. Attend pet industry events
Workshops, trade shows, and other events can be great for any seller looking to quickly sell their products and build business relationships with customers.
5. Build valuable customer relationships
Sellers need to build trust with consumers, which is incredibly important when it comes to pet products. People are very protective of their pets. Loyal customers make more purchases, spend more money, and vouch for your business in the form of word-of-mouth recommendations.

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