Announcement! SellerSprite becomes officially an Amazon SPN certified service provider


In November 2023, after Amazon’s qualification review, SellerSprite officially joined the Amazon SPN (Amazon Service Provider Network). This also means that SellerSprite has been fully recognized by Amazon in terms of reputation, service capabilities and brand influence.

What is Amazon SPN?

In amazon journey, from opening a seller account to selling, cross-border e-commerce sellers will face many unkown problems and challenges, such as compliance, product research, keyword selection, competitor analysis, operations, logistics and delivery, etc. There are many different services sellers need. How to efficiently find a suitable, professional and trustworthy service providers?

Amazon integrates high-quality third-party service provider resources and help sellers with "one-click away service provider resource" through the official tool of "SPN-Service Provider Network" to help sellers find high-quality service providers efficiently and start and develop their cross-border business. And Amazon will not charge any additional fees for this.

Based on the main needs of sellers, Amazon SPN covers six major service areas: logistics, warehouses, compliance, tax, operational support and marketing promotion. For Amazon's 18 major marketplaces open to Chinese sellers, more than 180 Chinese local service providers and multinational service providers with office in China. They are all strictly tested by Amazon.  Service categories and service providers are continuing to expand, so stay tuned!

Sellers can trust SPN and enjoy doing other stuffs like finance, expanding new marketplaces or launching new products. Basically SPNs can help to automate daily tasks and save time and money for sellers a lot. Just leverage these tools and explore amazon unlimited potential.

SellerSprite was awarded with SPN certificate

SellerSprite ( is a comprehensive software for operating full Amazon process developed by Yunya Technology Ltd. Based on big data and artificial intelligence technology, we focus on empowering Amazon cross-border sellers in China and around the world to achieve successful product research and intelligent operation and grow to be 7,8 and even 9 figure sellers.

Since launch in September 2017, SellerSprite has insisted on being product-oriented, user experience first, and constantly added new tools. After 6 years of development, it has more than 800,000 global users.

The SellerSprite supports the web version and browser extension, all accesses of which can be used with one purchase. There are 30+ main tools covering diverse usage scenarios from Product selection, Keyword research, AI review analysis, Market research, Competitor lookup, Ads insight.  Overall, there are more than 250 tools to analyze everything on Amazon. After using SellerSprite you can make a conclusion that as if you have seen your competitors sellercentral insight. It meets deep needs of sellers and engages Amazon sellers into the era of fine operation.

In the future, the seller spirit will not forget the original heart and continue to work hard and bring more new tools that can ease the work and operation of Amazon sellers!

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