SellerSprite vs Helium 10: Things We Have But H10 Doesn't



In the dynamic world of e-commerce, successful sellers understand the significance of leveraging powerful tools to stay ahead in the competition. Two prominent players in the Amazon seller toolkit arena, SellerSprite and Helium 10, have garnered significant attention. While both tools offer a plethora of features to enhance your Amazon selling experience, there are unique aspects that set them apart.

Let's delve into the exclusive features that SellerSprite boasts over Helium 10, providing sellers with a distinct advantage:


SellerSprite is indeed a noteworthy tool in the arsenal of Amazon sellers. Its comprehensive suite of features is geared towards empowering sellers to enhance their Amazon business strategies. Let's delve into some of the special features that make SellerSprite a valuable asset for sellers.

Special Features

The Ads Insights feature relies on Amazon sponsored ads visible within the initial three search result pages. It cross-references the ad campaigns, ad groups, and organic search terms associated with listings. SellerSprite Ads Insights is designed to facilitate a thorough exploration of your competitors' advertising strategies, providing comprehensive insights into the structure and effectiveness of their ads.

Analyzing Amazon reviews is crucial due to their influential role in shaping customer decisions during the purchasing process. Reviews offer valuable insights into trending products, in-demand features, shifting market preferences, and the performance of both your products and those of your competitors. The SellerSprite extension enhances this analysis by enabling users to effortlessly download all reviews directly from the listing page. This feature allows for a deeper understanding of top-selling variants, an exploration of product strengths and weaknesses, and a comprehensive overview of customer sentiments.

The SellerSprite extension empowers users to gather real-time product data directly from Amazon pages and generate dynamic market reports. These reports provide valuable insights into market competition, demand, capacity, and other relevant factors. By leveraging this information, users can assess whether a particular product represents a worthwhile investment, aiding in informed decision-making regarding market entry or expansion strategies.

As a superior alternative to the Keepa extension, SellerSprite not only offers a comprehensive historical trend of listing data since its launch but also provides deep insights into the development process and strategy of similar product listings. By analyzing historical trends, users can gain a thorough understanding of how a listing has evolved over time, including fluctuations in pricing, sales ranks, and other crucial metrics.

Certainly, we won't delve into the details of what Google Trends means for cross-border sellers in terms of product selection and market analysis. However, it's noteworthy that SellerSprite has seamlessly integrated Google Trends, offering a real-time query interface for Google Trends data. This integration supports both web and shopping modes, providing users with insights derived from the past five years of historical trends.

What makes this feature even more appealing is that it is permanently free, eliminating the need for users to navigate around restrictions to access this valuable tool. By leveraging SellerSprite's integration with Google Trends, cross-border sellers can enhance their product selection and market analysis strategies with up-to-date and historical trend data, all within a user-friendly and accessible platform.

The Global Brand Database serves as a comprehensive trademark search platform catering to cross-border sellers. By simply inputting the brand name, owner details, and registration number, users can swiftly and accurately ascertain the status of their own or others' trademarks both domestically and internationally. This functionality aids trademark owners in identifying and addressing potential trademark disputes promptly, thereby preventing losses stemming from infringement.

Furthermore, trademark owners can also access information about the trademark registration status of similar enterprises in the market, helping them steer clear of trademark conflicts with other businesses. This not only contributes to the preservation of market order but also fosters an environment of fair competition.

It is important to note that the trademark search results are intended for reference purposes only and should not be used as the sole legal basis for trademark registration. For specific and authoritative information regarding trademark 

The Keyword Explorer tool serves the purpose of examining the top keywords associated with a specific target ASIN. This data is derived from Amazon's weekly (or monthly) keyword search frequency rankings available in Amazon BA (Brand Analytics), encompassing the top three ASINs that received the most clicks for each keyword.

When conducting keyword searches based on an ASIN, the tool will only display those keywords for which the ASIN ranks within the top three clicked ASINs under that particular keyword. This feature can be employed for various purposes, such as: 1️⃣   Analyzing the keywords used by competing products; 2️⃣  Optimizing your own product listing by incorporating relevant keywords; 3️⃣  Discovering new high-converting keywords to enhance advertising efforts.

Assessing your own ASIN to identify high-performing keywords, potentially leading to increased advertising budget allocation and improved product exposure.

  • More Detailed Information

In addition to encompassing distinct metrics such as revenue, price, and PPC bids, SellerSprite stands out by integrating a diverse range of information sources to provide unparalleled comprehensive data on Amazon. One notable example is the robust keyword related feature, where users can access click share, weekly searches, conversion rate, ABA ranking, and other crucial metrics for each keyword associated with different ASINs through the innovative Traffic Comparison feature.

SellerSprite goes above and beyond by offering a wealth of detailed data across various features, providing users with a holistic understanding of their Amazon marketplace performance. If you're seeking in-depth insights into your business and competitors, SellerSprite invites you to explore its features and experience the richness of data that sets it apart from other tools in the market.

  • Small Magic Widgets

In addition to the aforementioned main features, SellerSprite offers a wide array of powerful widgets through its extension. SellerSprite empowers you to download reviews, Q&A, images, and videos, as well as customer images for more in-depth listing analysis. Furthermore, it provides you with a channel to discover superior and more cost-effective product sources on Alibaba.

Pricing Comparison

Helium 10 offers different pricing plans to cater to the needs of Amazon sellers. The plans include:

- Starter Plan: Priced at $348 per year, this plan offers some accesses to essential features.

- Platinum Plan: Priced at $948 per month, this plan provides more features and ferwer usage limits.

- Diamond Plan: Priced at $2748 per year, this plan offers advanced features and priority support.

SellerSprite also offers different pricing plans to suit the needs of Amazon sellers. The plans include:

- Free Plan: This plan offers limited access to SellerSprite's features.

- Standard Plan: Priced at $79 per month and $790 per year, this plan offers all accesses to all SellerSprite features with 3 child accounts. 

Note!!! This plan can meet all your needs for individual seller, and yearly plan even give three more seats for your groups!

- Advanced Plan: Priced at $1290 per year, this plan provides all accesses to all SellerSprite features with 6 child accounts.

- VIP Plan: Priced at $1890 per year, this plan offers all accesses to all SellerSprite features with 10 child accounts.


While Helium 10 is undoubtedly a powerhouse in the Amazon seller toolkit space, SellerSprite's unique features make it a compelling choice for sellers looking to diversify, expand internationally, and stay at the forefront of e-commerce trends.

In conclusion, the choice between SellerSprite and Helium 10 ultimately depends on your specific needs and business goals. Evaluating the distinctive features of each tool will help you make an informed decision based on what aligns best with your selling strategy in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

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